New 3 music videos by Leo Adef….Today 3/3: LAURA

TIMELESS: A music video project produced by Pandora for Sony music

Under: Directors, Leo Adef.


New 3 music videos by Leo Adef….Today 2/3: TONI & PAULA

For TIMELESS: the new album album from the group MNKYBSNSS.

Under: Directors, Leo Adef, Pandora.


New 3 music videos by Leo Adef….Today 1/3: ALEX

TIMELESS: 3 videos – 3 different points of view of the same story…

Under: Directors, Leo Adef, Pandora.



STORY's DJs will play music this Saturday at Urban District Art Festival…don't miss it!!

Under: Artistic Instalation, Story: Music Box.


Pandora at OFFF Barcelona.

Yesterday César Pesquera spoke in this amazing Festival. Tomorrow will be Story and Pandora's team on the stage.

Under: Directors, Pandora.


New Pandora’s project with Leo Adef

We present Trailer today….Watch it here!

Under: Directors, Leo Adef.


“Our Own Private Scene” by Leo Adef

The new film in NOWNESS series: The Young Ones

Under: Directors, Leo Adef, NOWNESS.


New Pandora’s Talent: Leo Adef

Take a look at work of this Director & Photographer.

Under: Directors, Leo Adef.


More new work coming soon in Pandora…

Take a look at first images of our collaboration with visual artist Laura Ginès

Under: Directors, Laura Ginès.


Leo Adef new work coming soon…

New filmmaker in Pandora, stay tuned!

Under: Directors, Leo Adef.



New Work New Director!

Under: Dani Fortuny, Dani Fortuny, Directors.


NOW by Dani Fortuny for DREAM Magazine

By STORY: and Powered by PANDORA: Lunched today!

Under: Dani Fortuny, Dani Fortuny, Directors.


NOWNESS by César Pesquera

"In Residence: Casa Gilardi”, produced by Story:

Under: César Pesquera.


Exhibition by César Pesquera

We expect you to come, this 21th of October in Barcelona.  

Under: César Pesquera, Directors.


Amor de Madre by César Pesquera

Official video produced by Story: for the single "Amor de Madre" by The Suicide Of Western Culture

Under: César Pesquera.


L.A Dreamers by Dani Fortuny

New Filmaker in da house! Coming soon...

Under: Dani Fortuny, Dani Fortuny.


Boboli by Patricia M. Félix

"Backstage" film. Branded content produced by Story:

Under: Patricia M. Félix.


New Work by Patricia M. Félix

"Backstage" for Boboli produced by Story:

Under: Directors, Patricia M. Félix.


Hidden Beach by Patricia M. Félix

Documentary shortfilm produced by Story:

Under: Patricia M. Félix.


NOWNESS by César Pesquera

"In Residence: Casa Gilardi”, produced by Story:

Under: César Pesquera, Directors.


Tramuntana by César Pesquera

For Bullet Media produced by Story:

Under: César Pesquera.


#TBT “Follow me” was lunched 2 months ago in Lisbon.

This Artistic Installation by César Pesquera was shown during the Creativity week of Lisbon.

Under: Artistic Installation, César Pesquera.


“Who’s There? Who’s There?” by César Pesquera

An Artistic Exhibition powered by PANDORA.

Under: Artistic Instalation, César Pesquera, Directors.


“Tramuntana” in the Imagine Science Film Festival.

From from June 2 to 4, this Festival taking place in Paris will show the film by César Pesquera.

Under: César Pesquera, Directors.


STORY MUSIC BOX new performance in Poblenou OPEN DAY 2016

Last May 7th, DJs from STORY: participated in URBAN FESTIVAL and in other artistic activities during the most important creative Event in Poblenou Barcelona

Under: Story: Music Box.


Las Bistecs present Señoras Bien

Las Bistecs shot in Acapulco

Under: Acapulco, Las Bistecs.


“Amor de Madre” by César Pesquera has been selected in Festival AULLIDO 2016

Official music video for the band "The Suicide Of Western Culture”

Under: Awarded, César Pesquera, Directors.


Today STORY MUSIC BOX DJs session in Barcelona

Poblenou Urban District celebrates the second edition of Open Night...with PANDORA´s DJs music

Under: Directors, PobleNou Urban District, Story: Music Box.


Second edition of Open Night Poblenou, Barcelona

Urban Club space with concerts, audio-visual projections and tastings. With STORY MUSIC BOX DJs and Pandora artists work.

Under: Directors, PobleNou Urban District, Story: Music Box.


A Patricia M. Félix work, finalist at CICLOPE Festival

“Mirall de Pau” (Mirror Peace) credits by Patricia M. Félix have been selected in Ciclope Festival Shortlist. Winners will be defined in Berlin next week.

Under: Awarded, Patricia M. Félix, Short.


#TBT “Tramuntana”: One year ago, This amazing film by César Pesquera won Golden LAUS and Gold ADC*Europe 2014

Yesterday, "Tramuntana" opened The Short & Sweet 2015 Edition. A cultural movement taking place in Barcelona, launching a weekly short film series on October 2015

Under: Awarded, César Pesquera, Short.


“Tramuntana” has been selected for Short & Sweet movement

Short & Sweet 2015 Edition is taking place in Barcelona. Several films produced by Story: We produce have been selected for this Edition.

Under: Awarded, César Pesquera, Short, Uncategorized.



Successful night for Patricia M. Félix with her "The Hidden Beach"

Under: Awarded, Directors, Patricia M. Félix, Short.


THE HIDDEN BEACH by Patricia M. Félix has been selected for the festival “Directed By Women 2015”

This short film directed by Patricia M. Félix and produced by Story: will be screened in Barcelona on Saturday 5th September 2015

Under: Awarded, Directors, Patricia M. Félix, Short.


“Cornetto Movie Kiss” wins BRONZE in Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

This is an "International Kissing Day" creative event by Hello Lola (Lowe & Partners Madrid) with Story: We Produce

Under: Awarded.


“Mirall de Pau” by Patricia M. Félix has been selected in The 7th Seoul international Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival

This short film will be screened in Seoul City during the Festival (17-22 September).

Under: Awarded, Directors, Patricia M. Félix, Short.


Silver LAUS Award for “Icarus” by César Pesquera

"Icarus" is an animated short documentary produced by Story: in association with ARTE France

Under: Awarded, César Pesquera, Short.


Story: Opens!

Musical Installation from Story: We produce for Poble Nou Open Day. Story: created an installation for Poble Nou Open Day at the Story's office in Barcelona.

Under: PobleNou Urban District, Story: Music Box.


Icarus by César Pesquera

Short film co-produced by Story and Canal Arte. Winner of the OFFF 2013 Festival grant. Presented at Arte Creative and at the OFFF Festival 2014.

Under: César Pesquera.


Eldorado by Patricia M. Félix

Short documentaries pieces for Eldorado: A collaboration between Story: and Folch Studio.

Under: Patricia M. Félix.


Selected for the 1st European Auction dedicated entirely to Video Art

Video art works by directors Patricia M. Félix and César Pesquera were selected for this exceptional event in Paris.

Under: César Pesquera, Patricia M. Félix.


People Like Us

Short film produced by Story: and shot in 16 mm. This film unites sci-fi and fashion film, both visually and conceptually. It was shot at the incredible “La Ricarda” house by Catalan architect Antonio Bonet.

Under: Ramón Ayala.


Installation for the “Deprop” audiovisual Festival at La Pedrera

César Pesquera created an installation for the cult “DeProp” music and video-creation festival held in Gaudí’s iconic building in Barcelona. Director and video-artist César Pesquera created a unique visual spectacle for the occasion, experimenting with images and textures to present the new album by artist Lucrecia Dalt. The performance was Powered by Story:

Under: César Pesquera, DeProp, Lucrecia Dalt.



Short film produced by Story: for New York magazine Bullett. This was to be a surrealist work, and director César Pesquera saw an excellent opportunity to explore the relationship between a specific geographical location - the Alt-Empordà, (which is close to home and which was home to Dalí himself,) with a way of seeing and interpreting the world - Surrealism. To achieve this, he chose to focus on a specific element - the Tramuntana, which is the region’s characteristic wind, said to affect its inhabitants’ mental health. The result is this short film, which has received several international awards.

Under: Awarded, César Pesquera.



A video art work connecting wine with art. This piece is a collaboration between director Patricia M. Félix and street artists Remed & Okuda. “Vintage” was exhibited at the LOOP Festival Barcelona 2013 and selected for the 1st European Video Art Auction (Paris 2014).

Under: Patricia M. Félix.