“Amor de Madre” by César Pesquera has been selected in Festival AULLIDO 2016

Official music video for the band "The Suicide Of Western Culture”

Under: Awarded, César Pesquera, Directors.


A Patricia M. Félix work, finalist at CICLOPE Festival

“Mirall de Pau” (Mirror Peace) credits by Patricia M. Félix have been selected in Ciclope Festival Shortlist. Winners will be defined in Berlin next week.

Under: Awarded, Patricia M. Félix, Short.


#TBT “Tramuntana”: One year ago, This amazing film by César Pesquera won Golden LAUS and Gold ADC*Europe 2014

Yesterday, "Tramuntana" opened The Short & Sweet 2015 Edition. A cultural movement taking place in Barcelona, launching a weekly short film series on October 2015

Under: Awarded, César Pesquera, Short.


“Tramuntana” has been selected for Short & Sweet movement

Short & Sweet 2015 Edition is taking place in Barcelona. Several films produced by Story: We produce have been selected for this Edition.

Under: Awarded, César Pesquera, Short, Uncategorized.



Successful night for Patricia M. Félix with her "The Hidden Beach"

Under: Awarded, Directors, Patricia M. Félix, Short.


THE HIDDEN BEACH by Patricia M. Félix has been selected for the festival “Directed By Women 2015”

This short film directed by Patricia M. Félix and produced by Story: will be screened in Barcelona on Saturday 5th September 2015

Under: Awarded, Directors, Patricia M. Félix, Short.


“Cornetto Movie Kiss” wins BRONZE in Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

This is an "International Kissing Day" creative event by Hello Lola (Lowe & Partners Madrid) with Story: We Produce

Under: Awarded.


“Mirall de Pau” by Patricia M. Félix has been selected in The 7th Seoul international Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival

This short film will be screened in Seoul City during the Festival (17-22 September).

Under: Awarded, Directors, Patricia M. Félix, Short.


Silver LAUS Award for “Icarus” by César Pesquera

"Icarus" is an animated short documentary produced by Story: in association with ARTE France

Under: Awarded, César Pesquera, Short.



Short film produced by Story: for New York magazine Bullett. This was to be a surrealist work, and director César Pesquera saw an excellent opportunity to explore the relationship between a specific geographical location - the Alt-Empordà, (which is close to home and which was home to Dalí himself,) with a way of seeing and interpreting the world - Surrealism. To achieve this, he chose to focus on a specific element - the Tramuntana, which is the region’s characteristic wind, said to affect its inhabitants’ mental health. The result is this short film, which has received several international awards.

Under: Awarded, César Pesquera.