COMMUNICATION, a film by Albert Moya, Produced by Pandora:

A project for California Sunday Magazine partnered with Dropbox

Some years ago, artist Laila Gohar made an edible volcano that caught the eye of filmmaker Albert Moya.

This year, they teamed up with other creatives around the world to make a film that artistically explores the creation of the volcano and Albert’s creative interpretation of it.


“Comunication” is the name of this project created by Albert Moya for California Sunday Magazine partnered with Dropbox, and produced by Pandora:



By Omar Sosa, Laila Gohar, Querida Studio & Albert Moya
Illustrations by Kati Szilagyi



This film “Comunication” is part of DROPBOX STORIES, a project by California Sunday Magazine partnered with Dropbox to push the limits of creativity across languages, continents, and time zones.

Together, they curated a list of over 25 creatives from around the world — food stylists, composers, photographers, illustrators, directors, and more — to highlight the three fundamentals of every creative process: collaboration, community, and communication.