New 3 music videos by Leo Adef….Today 1/3: ALEX

TIMELESS: 3 videos – 3 different points of view of the same story…

The Project:

Leo’s “Timeless” is a series of 3 pieces that tell the same story but each video is experienced from the point of view of a different member of a group of friends, with their style, their feelings and their way of living through this particular stage in one´s life.

  • The same story: 3 different points of view
  • A portrait of adolescence, friendship and the relativity and immeasurability of time.


A group of 16 year old friends, are placed in their high school´s chemistry laboratory and begin a trip in time in which they will see themselves in different phases of their adolescence. Changes, maturity, experimentation and the rupture of the innocent idea of ‘friends forever’.

Stay tuned for second video!!! Wednesday on line in our Website!!!

See you on Wednesday!!