People Like Us

Short film produced by Story: and shot in 16 mm. This film unites sci-fi and fashion film, both visually and conceptually. It was shot at the incredible “La Ricarda” house by Catalan architect Antonio Bonet.

People Like Us is a short film that was born as a commissioned fashion film and ended up as a piece with its own identity. It was meant to be a tool for promoting garments from the S/S 2014 collection by German brand People Like Us.

But instead we decided to feature the spirit of the collection.

People Like Us is a sci-fi romance. The soundtrack includes tracks by Boards of Canada and Koreless courtesy of Warp Records, Young Turks and the bands. Brazilian DP Guto Moura watched everything from Jacques Tourneur movies and Vittorio Storaro light schemes to old Prince music videos to create this universe. It was shot using Fujifilm super 16 mm negative film in a modern mid-century Mediterranean house and a forest near a cemetery.

It’s not the fashion film you’re expecting to watch.

Director Ramón Ayala works on art films, music videos and advertising, since 2008 mostly in France. This short is produced by Story: who also art directed the whole concept. The film was shot by Ramón Ayala’s usual crew.