STORY MUSIC BOX new performance in Poblenou OPEN DAY 2016

Last May 7th, DJs from STORY: participated in URBAN FESTIVAL and in other artistic activities during the most important creative Event in Poblenou Barcelona

Poblenou Urban District and Van Van Market together for this year URBAN FESTIVAL taking place in Open Day 2016. Scheduled from 12h to 20h:

GASTRONOMIC MARKET  (Van Van Market) / LIVE PAINTING ARTISTS (Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Asis Percales, Francisco de Pájaro, Kognitif) / SHOWS/DJ SESSIONS (Nacion Funk, STORY MUSIC BOX)



DJs from STORY MUSIC BOX played their sessions in La Plataforma Gallery too, from 4pm to 6pm.

To celebrate the biggest creative community of Barcelona, this gallery has scheduled different activities like:
– Exhibition “Coup de Grâce”, by artist Per Henrik Adolfsson (Pancake)
– Adolfsson P.H interactive installation where you can be the protagonist of one of his paintings .
– Gastronomy and vermouth
– DJ Sessions (STORY MUSIC BOX, etc..)/ Live Mus



Visual Works presented by STORY:

Also, for this artistic Day in Barcelona, Story: was a partner for visual works in Gallery “Addicted to life” presenting videos by international different artists like Pau Garcia Laita, Francesco Pacioso, Oliver KMIA etc…