#TBT “Follow me” was lunched 2 months ago in Lisbon.

This Artistic Installation by César Pesquera was shown during the Creativity week of Lisbon.

Follow Me”

By César Pesquera.


About Follow Me”

This is an artistic installation , made of 120 mirror smartphones, at XVIII Festival CCP 2016 in Lisbon. Lisbon adored this installation powered by Story. The production company has also curated musical performance and DJs at the Festival´s Closing Party

Artist´s Statement:

Gone are the great artists, the creators that everyone admires. Now anyone can have not only their 15 minutes of fame but can also have their 15, 150 or 15.000 Likes.

Thanks to the Internet, social networks and devices such as smartphones, production and distribution of images, something that was historically only accessible to an elite, is open to anyone. How can this pollution of images affect our way of being in the world? How does that awareness of the self-image affect the construction of an identity? How does it affect the creative process?” (César Pesquera. 2016)


César Pesquera is a filmmaker and visual artist. Pandora´s talent:

Through his work he investigates the current speed of image production and how the use of technology affects our perception of time, desire and identity as well as our relationship with images and its consumption.