THE HIDDEN BEACH by Patricia M. Félix has been selected for the festival “Directed By Women 2015”

This short film directed by Patricia M. Félix and produced by Story: will be screened in Barcelona on Saturday 5th September 2015

About the short film:

THE HIDDEN BEACH is a documentary short film in which Surfing and Art share the spotlight in terms of both content and style. THE HIDDEN BEACH is a visual adventure that transports the viewer to hidden beaches across Panama, revealing incredible locations and submerging us in surf culture, telling the story of those places, of people who live there since always, and people who go there for surf and for inspiration…

This film directed by Patricia M. Félix and produced by Story: has been edited by Judith Miralles.

The Director of Photography is Eloi Molí, and the music of the film is by Patricia M. Félix & 3 Notes.

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About the Festival:

Directed by Women BCN-MAD is a film viewing dedicated to promote and give visibility to films directed by women.

This Festival comes from the international movement Directed by Women, created in central Europe this year with the intention to celebrate a worldwide viewing of films directed by women from the 1st until the 15th September 2015.

During three days, in Madrid and in Barcelona, it will take place an exhibition of short and feature films, with workshops and conferences to share, discover and debate the work of female directors in Spain.


PastedGraphic-1The full program of “Directed By Women 2015” in Barcelona you can find here: