Short film produced by Story: for New York magazine Bullett. This was to be a surrealist work, and director César Pesquera saw an excellent opportunity to explore the relationship between a specific geographical location - the Alt-Empordà, (which is close to home and which was home to Dalí himself,) with a way of seeing and interpreting the world - Surrealism. To achieve this, he chose to focus on a specific element - the Tramuntana, which is the region’s characteristic wind, said to affect its inhabitants’ mental health. The result is this short film, which has received several international awards.

Tramuntana is a short film directed by César Pesquera, produced by Story and powered by Bullet Magazine.

César Pesquera partnered with Art Director Christian Lopez to elucidate the link between the famous Tramuntana wind, which is known for dramatically switching direction and speed without warning, and a slew of mental disorders afflicting the land it blows through.

The film transports us to Cadaqués, a Catalan fishing village in the north of Spain, where we discuss the wind with local inhabitants and explore the land’s complex geology. The film features a blend of ethereal expositional footage and surrealist imagery, producing a film that is part documentary, part surrealist manifesto.


“Tramuntana” has won awards and been featured at several film festivals:

  • GOLDEN LAUS June 2014
  • ADC*EGold Winner 2014
  • 2ndPrize Young Director Award Cannes 2013
  • Finalist Ciclope Festival
  • Official Selection International Festival of Winterthur
  • Official Selection European Short Film Festival FEC 2014