“Who’s There? Who’s There?” by César Pesquera

An Artistic Exhibition powered by PANDORA.



César Pesquera is a visual artist from PANDORA.

He makes films, directs music videos and commercials, creates installations, designs live visuals, and writes. His work combines the grammar of cinema with a taste for conceptualization and visual experimentation. He likes to think about images, spaces, technology, perception, identity, desire and time.


Last weekend an Exhibition of César´s last works took place in Barcelona:

Exhibition “Who´s There? Who´s There?” Powered by PANDORA.



In this exhibition, the artist explores the relation between language, consumption and perception…with amazing installations like:


“The Conversation”: A short film exploring the ideas of constructed and fragmented identity, specially in the digital realm.




“Constellations”: This Installation deals with the idea of identity and the photographic portrait as a constructed image. It aims to question the nature of the photographic portrait as a psychological study working with film stars and pop icons pictures. Using collage and deconstruction as technique a new structure based on the idea of constellation is achieved, as opposed to the narrative, argumentative nature of the traditional portrait.




Other works in the Exhibition: “Our time is Over”, “Interweaved Battlefields” and “Ghost”. An Artistic workshop for children, took places around this last work “Ghost”: The artist and children creating and reflecting on Cities and public representation of urban spaces…







Stay tuned for further exhibitions, event, concerts….produced by PANDORA!