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Raphael Gasparini

Raphael is a director who always seeks a balance between narrative sensibility and aesthetic sense. His style of storytelling goes from a sensory and minimalist point of view.
He faithfully believes in the conception of any film through the creative potential and power of the story. His creative development is the result of a deep search for authenticity and the unique naturalism of the atmosphere of feelings and emotion.
His work with actors seeks spontaneity and he likes to explore the narrative from the first person, where the camera and light serve the mental state of the characters, providing a sense of poetic dream.
When Raphael Gasparini films, he uses all his resources, his heart and soul. Each of his films is unique, it is the possibility to do something extraordinary, to build a meaning and tell a beautiful story.

During his career he has worked for brands such as Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Nestlé, Santander, Huggies and P&G. Some of his campaigns have won awards such as Cannes Lions and Effies.