Gucci "The Performers ACT III" Albert Moya
Albert Moya
The Performers ACT III

A five-part film series meddling art and fashion, in collaboration with GQ. We produced two of these stories.
Following the journey of two influential men, in the city that constructed their vision and inspiration.

For the third act of the “The Performers” GQ video series, the viewer is a voyeur of the creative connection between Charlie Heaton and New York, the city that attracts the romantic, the wonderful and the dreamer. On a bed of flowers, we discover English actor Charlie Heaton while he narrates passages out of Patti Smith’s autobiography. Those words will set up the mood as we’re about to follow the Englishman through his daydream alike journey, from sunset until the dead of night.

“You are transported to a time that doesn’t exist and in where it’s nice to stand still and just kind of watch it”.

And as he says, we watch him exploring the city in which he encounters romance and excitement, in a total liberated manner.

Directed by Albert Moya
Produced by Story

Coproductor: Lolly Would and The Collective Shift
Producer: Alexis Piqueras
DOP: Alexander Kudokhon