MTV "Mood Swing" Leo Adef
Leo Adef
Mood Swing - Rebrand for Mtv

A beautiful piece for MTV, directed by Leo Adef.

“Mood swing” is a colorful library of emotions based on teenagers from all over the world.

The way young people share their emotions at this point in history is like no other in time. This is the inspiration for this campaign, reflecting the universal connection, by insight into the small instants of human emotion.

More than 90 different pieces were created all around the world to express different color emotions, through out the day.

On this director´s cut, we showcase a recompilation of some of this mood swings.


Directed by Leo Adef
Produced by Pandora: pandoraweproduce.com
DOP: Marc Miró
Art Direction: Ivan Triviño
Executive Producer: Merli Feixa
Producer: Adrià Paituví
AD: Gemma Sellares
Stylist: Eus Cantó
Editor: Pau Luzon
Color: Yulia Bulashenko
Sound Desing: Father