GUCCI x GQ "The Performers IV – Junya Ishigami" Matthew Donaldson
Matthew Donaldson
The Performers ACT IV

The performers is a five-part film series meddling art and fashion, produced in collaboration with GQ.

We produced two of these stories, following the journey of each of these influential men.
This story takes place in the South-East of Mexico, in between the dreamlike paradise of underwater caves “cenotes” and the tropical jungle.

Japanese architect Junya Ishigami shares how he gets his inspiration for his beautiful work through nature.
‘For me’, he notes, ‘manmade things have the same meaning as natural things. Because human beings are also one with nature.’


Directed by Matthew Donaldson
Produced by Story MX

Productor: Perla Cruz
DOP: Alexander Reid
Agency: Condé Nast UK